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Group Session Questionnaire

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How many people will be in your group/family portrait? (Names/ ages/relationship will be helpful to familiarize and organize the shoot.)

What is the occasion for your portrait session?

Is there a theme or color scheme you want to use for your session?

Are there any mementos or props you’d like to include? (i.e. holiday paraphernalia, banners, childhood favorite toys, books…etc.)

For your pictures, would you prefer a shoot that leans more toward:
Creative and QuirkyClean and TraditionalI have a special theme in mind, which I will explain below

My theme idea:

For your location, do you prefer to be:
IndoorsOutdoorsI have a preferred location in mind, which I will explain below

My location idea:

What will you use the photos for? (i.e. Invitations? Scrapbook? Family Newsletter? Home Décor?)

Please feel free to provide any additional information you feel may be helpful toward creating the best environment for your photo shoot. (For example: special needs for children, allergens, desire to include pets, time constraints, etc)