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Graduate Questionnaire

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What school are you graduating from?

What is unique about your school or experience? (Special moments? Location? Surprises? Anything unique or quirky is always appreciated!)

Do you have any preferred colors to wear?

Are there any mementos or props you’d like to include? (i.e. team jerseys, signs/posters, sunglasses, boots, mardi gras masks… take your pick!)

For your pictures, would you prefer a shoot that leans more toward:
Creative and QuirkyClean and TraditionalI have a special theme in mind, which I will explain below

My theme idea:

For your location, do you prefer to be:
On campusNear campusOff campusI have a preferred location in mind, which I will explain below

My location idea:

Will you need hair and/or makeup services?

What will you use the photos for? (i.e. Invitations? Scrapbook? Part of Guest Reception? Home Décor?)